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This is a Bengali Poem Website.

Code Lock

Code lock is a ai base project where user can track their project source code of different version controlling system commit record through this platform

Dak Infosoft

DAK Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. is focused on providing excellence to our customers and partners succeeding competitively together on several fronts. We thrive to specialize in smart solutions required in everyday life of citizens and most suited to our Indian scenario.

Our strength is in successfully introducing and establishing new technologies in the market and helping existing vendors strengthen their base to increase their market share. We consistently strive to achieve market growth for our own brand products and OEM / Partners.


Online teaching platfrom where user book their favorite teacher for online or offline class of suitable time. Video conferencing and Video event is present in this platform


To learn about local language. It’s a online teaching platform where people register as a student or teacher and both. If they want to learn some language , then can search and pick a suitable teacher and book this teacher on his available time.

Stox Biniyog

We start our operation from year 2017 which is known as Aponjon Trust, we have provided customer service in past days but currently we are dealing with stock market. Stox Biniyog is our new organization, the leader of this organization is Mr. Raju Saha, he is currently the Channel Partner of Angel One Limited


A technology that helps in maturing your alcohol to its highest potential within minutes, without changing the basic flavor
profile. Resulting in improved smoothness and a more rounded aroma & taste. The instant-aging also helps your liver process the alcohol more easily.